So I Went Ombre


So I finally decided after about 2 years of debating to get my hair done Ombre style. I know I’m a bit late on this trend but I finally decided it was time.
Before I went to the Salon I decided to have a look on Pinterest for some hair inspiration, I wanted the ombre effect to be quite natural and subtle, I wanted to keep my ends the blonde shade they were as I was happy with it and also didn't want to dye them anymore, for the top of my head I went about a shade darker than my natural color, reason being a for the blend and more importantly, as I won't have the opportunity to have my hair done for a while as I will be travelling I wanted the color to be close to the root colour to make my regrowth so being a shade darker will allow any lighting the sun my cause as well. 

I found this amazing hair shot and fell in love!! Is is what im aiming for. 

I was very very pleased with the results of my hair, the colour came out just how I want it too and I a lovely cut. 

And this was my end results 

I still have a bit of growing to do until it looks anything like the picture above but im sooooo happy with it now!! 

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  1. I did the same with my hair recently, you won't regret it! Looks gorgeous :)

  2. This looks so nice, I think I'm gonna take this photo and ask for the same! Xx

    Laura | lauraslittleloves

  3. Wow, your hair looks stunning! x

  4. I was browsing my friend Sandra's (5 inch and up) blog and decided to check out your blog. Your hair looks gorgeous! Ombre is always beautiful way to put more dimension on the hair!

    Could you tell me how you got the scrolling banner that follows you. The one that has the "home, about me, beauty and other links". :) xx Can you reply on my blog? Thanks! xx

    1. Hi. Thank you very much.

      I'm afaird that I dont know how to do it myself, mine is part of my blog design Ill also post this comment on your blog as well.

      Thanks x

  5. Looks very pretty

  6. The result is so nice! The color is on point with the pic above which is amazing :)

    1. Thank you. Very pleased with the result. x

  7. Wow your hair looks incredible! Kind of makes me want to go ombre too!

    Susannah xxx