Lip Voltage By Dream Weave Product Review & Results

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As many of you are aware there was a buzz created by Geordie Shore's Holly Hagen after she posted a picture on Twitter of her lips having used Lip Voltage and the results were very impressive. 

Basically I have a non existent top lip and a minimal bottom one and although having small lips it has never really bothered me (until now). I would love to have bigger lips so really wanted this give this product a try and see if I could achieve a good result. 

(Lip Gloss)

(Mix Up)

The product comes in two parts, the first part is the lip gloss. It is a clear lipgloss that is a quick adsorbing peptide lip treatment to fill and volumise the lips.
The second part is the "Mix Up", this is the part that give you that plumping power and the "voltage". 

Before use, you add up to 3 drops of the mix up into the lipgloss, the more drops you put in the more voltage you get. 

This is me before & after ..............................

As you can see from my before and after photo you do get a good result in my opinion. 

This product is definitely not for the faint hearted, it give you a burning sensation which is not at all pleasant. Be careful how many drops you put into the lip gloss as the pain can be unbearable if you add too many. I say start with 1 and build your way up.

The burning sensation last for about 20 minutes after the application, as for the plumped effect, it states it can last up to 24 hours but this was not the case for me. I would say it lasted up to an hour at most, I was finding myself reapplying it quite often and this is not ideal when out and about as you will keep having to feel the burn. 

Basically the question is the plum worth the pain? 

I would recommend this product but only to those who can deal with pain.

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